Konnichiwa, NYC: More Japanese Must-Sees

Here’s part two of this series, which spotlights a few of New York’s top-tier Japanese offerings.

Aburiya Kinnosuke


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What: Choice sashimi and shochu restaurant in Midtown. Totally rocking that slick, simple, Japanese aesthetic that so many Japanese restaurants do. It’s a bit pricy, but highly recommended. Think of it as a tonier version of Yakitori Taisho, which I mentioned in my previous post. They’re both izakayas, but Aburiya’s fancier.

Where: Midtown East



Takahachi Bakery



What: Beautiful cakes aside, check out the Japan-tinged baked goods, like edamame-and-cheese rolls, yuzu-and-chocolate buns, tuna avocado sandwiches, green tea crepes, and “veggie boats” (a dough cradle filled with tomatoes, broccoli, and lotus root). Fresh bread is made daily, as well. Super clean and nice (like 99% of all Japanese establishments), and there’s a big window where you can watch the cooks work.

Where: TriBeCa






What: Similar to Kinokuniya, which I mentioned in the last entry, but all discount or used books. Book-Off is a chain in Japan, so it really took me by surprise to see one nestled in Midtown’s skyscraper-lined gorges. Like Kinokuniya, the entire bottom shelf is Japanese-language books and manga. They also sell other discounted stuff, like DVDs and video games.

Where: Midtown West